The Benefits of Mediation

Are you considering divorce or legal separation?  If so, please review the benefits of the mediation process before you move forward.

 Benefits of Mediation with Divorce Help

  • Less Expensive than Litigation – A typical divorce in Southern California costs in excess of $40,000.Our mediation model is under $5,000 for both parties
  • The Parties Maintain Control – During the mediation process, you both control the pace at which decisions are made. Each step is by consensus not by an opposing attorney or a judge.
  • Paperwork is completed and submitted for you. Your Marriage Settlement Agreement is done by an attorney and included in your pricing.
  • Your most valuable assets are spared the conflict – that being your children. Working together helps abate conflict which children are very sensitive to. They will do much better when the parents are working together on behalf of the family.
  • Easier on the parties – the worst thing about divorcing is not knowing what is around the corner or up the sleeve. In mediation, everything is on the table and each party has a say in making the final decisions together.
  • Litigation is always possible – if mediation does not work for you you can always go the Court route. Don’t get a wrecking ball when a hammer may be enough.
  • You both receive Legal and Financial Information – we empower our couples with the legal and financial expertise they need to make the best decisions for their community and family.
  • Third-Party Neutrality keeps conflict to a minimum. Having a referee helps keep the discussions moving and the emotions in check.
  • Confidentiality – Everything happens in the privacy of the mediation conference room. You don’t give up legal rights in mediation but you do a better job of preserving your family’s dignity.
  • Faster and Longer Lasting – Mediation usually expedites the time frame of divorce negotiations. Since both parties are involved and have a say the decisions tend to be more mutual and less challenged.
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