Workshop Presenters

Second Saturday is presented by qualified professionals dedicated to helping people properly navigate the confusing and stressful divorce process. Our team of presenters educate individuals about how to successfully face many of the common legal, financial, family and personal issues involved in divorce so they can move on toward better things ahead.  The Workshop leader is Jo-Ann C Little, CDFA, CFA, Arbitrator, Collaborative Financial Professional.  She also is the owner of Divorce Help, a mediation firm in San Diego, CA

Here is what former clients have to say about Jo-Ann Little:

I had also met JoAnn at a Second Saturday meeting.  I knew from her presentation that she would be a good fit for me and my ex-husband because of her confidence and her ability to explain the process in a manner that was easily understood.  Once we began the mediation, JoAnn was professional by remaining neutral to both parties.  She explained each step so that we both understood what would be happening and the process went exactly as she had outlined for us.  JoAnn and her colleagues communicated with us promptly and followed up with us as necessary.  I believe you would be in safe hands with JoAnn as I truly think she is dedicated to ensuring that the outcome is fair and equitable according to the law and by what is agreed upon by both parties.  I hope this gives you some idea of JoAnn's character.  Please feel free to email me with any specific questions. Angela H